Tuition and Fees

Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees

For 2021-2022, full-time (12-18 credits) tuition for the nursing major is $8,248 per term for Pennsylvania residents and $15,344 for out-of-state residents.
For 2021-2022, part-time tuition (1-11 credits) for the nursing major is $687 per credit for Pennsylvania residents and $1,278 for out-of-state residents.
University Computer / Network Service Fee: $175 per term full-time / $100 per term part-time

Other Expenses

Students can expect to incur additional expenses for books and supplies ($600-$1100 per year), transportation, and personal and miscellaneous items. These expenses vary, depending on personal circumstances. Items such as clothing, entertainment, telephone calls, travel, etc. need to be considered.

Computer Purchase Expenses

Students who purchase a computer may be eligible to have a one-time increase made to their Cost of Attendance for their two years at Pitt-Titusville. Purchases made after April 15 (prior to the start of the fall term) will be considered and receipts must be provided. Receipts must clearly indicate that a computer was purchased and when. Students should expect to pay between $1500 - $3000 for the computer and related hardware. The Financial Aid Office will limit the total amount of the cost of attendance adjustment to $800 for a laptop and $650 for a desktop.

In order for these expenses to be reviewed, please contact the Office of Financial Aid for a Cost of Attendance Increase form and return it with the appropriate documentation to the Office of Financial Aid.

The University of Pittsburgh reserves the right to change the tuition rate and fees at any time without notice in advance.

Fees for Prospective Students
Application Fee (non-refundable) $45.00 One time
Admissions Deposit $200.00  


Tuition and Fees for Full-Time Students:

Tuition, full time, in state, nursing


Per term

Tuition, full time, out of state, nursing


Per term

Computer Network Fee


Per term

Tuition and Fees for Part-Time Students:

Tuition, part time, in state, nursing,


Per credit

Tuition, part time, out of state, nursing


Per credit

Computer Network Fee


Per term

For more information on tuition rates, click here.

MANDATORY FEES such as the Computer Network Service Fees are approved by the Board of Trustees, and assessed to all students to support campus services.


Course-Related Fees:

Biology Lab Fee (also applies to Microbiology and A & P Labs)


Per course

Nursing Lab Fee


Per course


Service Fees:

Late Payment Fee



Official Transcript Preparation


Each transcript

Returned Check Fee


Per check

Late Graduation Application Fee



Challenge Exam Fee


Per exam

I.D. Card Replacement Fee


Each time

Student Parking Permit Fee


Per year